Sunday, September 02, 2001

Ok, not much to update since the last entry. Still in Kosice and we will be until tomorrow as Simon has photos he's put in for development. From there, it's to some obscure place in Hungary because there's absolutely no trains or buses to Debrecen or Budapest at a sensible hour.

I'm beginning to despite the place we're staying in. Sure, it might cost only 3 pounds a night and affords a lovely view over the city...BUT - there is an 11pm curfew. What? What the hell? 11pm curfew, you bunch of fascists. It absolutely ruined last night's plans. I was seeing on posters some club night advertised, and I checked out its webpage and the place actually looked quite good. It was on 10pm to 6am. Obviously Simon's not interested, and that's fair enough, but I reckoned I'd go along about midnight and see how it looked. With, I thought, the option to simply go home if it wasn't for me. But of course, upon hearing about the curfew there was suddenly a lot more at stake. That is, if the place was rubbish I'd have to wander the cold, dark Kosice streets alone, until about 8am. I did seriously consider it, but the curfew won. Damn them. Damn them all to hell. Still, there's be other nights, in other places, in hostels and hotels without curfews.

The thing is, there's really no point in the curfew. Do you realise how many people actually live in this massive tower block? Out of an estimated 500 rooms, we reckon there's up to about 8 in use. The place is dead. It's in pieces too, crumbling to oblivion. Yesterday I wa having a bath (carefully worked, as the cold water tap doesn't work) in highly suspicious looking yellow water and suddenly evrything went dark. I thought the bulb had blown but it turned out the power for the entire block had gone. The lifts didn't work. Man, an hour later and I'd have been in that lift, highly suspect as it is. I'm going to take photos of this lift so you can all appreciate the risk to my life I take every time I get into one of these things.

So I hate my residence rihgt now, despite it's gritt communist appeal.

Otherwise, nothing terribly dramatic to report. We're going through a "quiet" phase it seems. Just looking around the city, eating, sleeping, listening to football on the World Service. Slovakia's been great, but I think it's time we moved on now. To Hungary, with it's goulash and Lake Balaton. And yet another incomprehensible language.

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