Monday, September 17, 2001

Internet access is appalling in Slovenia, hence this is the only chance I'v had to write in a week. I'm back in Ljubljana, just for a few hours until getting a train to Koper. It's been a great week mostly. A few days in the very beatiful Bled getting drunk with Kiwis and Irish and various other undesirables, plus getting fed by an Irish couple with a camper van. Then a few days in Bohinj which was freezing cold and miserable. I've been camping the whole time and believe me I'm looking forward to a proper bed.

A full comprehensive report later - I'm only allowed 15 minutes on this public library computer.

And yeah, the World Trade Centre news in just as big in Slovenia as it is everywhere else. I caught the news as it broke on the World Service and have seen the rest unfold on CNN in the TV tent in the Bled campsite.

More later.

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