Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Ok, email seems to be back on track so my breathe address is fine to send stuff too. I've got a bit of a backlog of emails to catch up on, but I'll try and get through them all when I have a chance.

I'm in the pleasantly warm town of Koper now, with little winding roads and countless cafes. We're hopefully going to see a football match tonight - FC Koper vs Ljubljana Olimpija, and tomorrow it's to the allegedly charming town of Piran. That's if we don't get a lift off these Syrian sailors... (I'm actually not joking here)

We've teamed up with a Canadian girl Tammy, who we first met up the Bled bus stop with Cindy (a Kiwi) and then by total chance we happened to bump into her at Koper. She at first seemed pleasant and normal, but after a couple of days it's become apparent she exists in a rather charming world of her own. She's managed to get a job in Slovenia selling ice-cream, despite not speaking Slovenian, which is pretty good going.

But more, much much much more later.

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