Monday, February 04, 2002

Yo, my funky dudegroovers. Here's some more photos.

The castle in Trencin, overlooking the campsite.

Salinas the Spaniard, who we met at Trencin bar, along with a host of drunk Slovakians, plus Laura and Corey the Canadians, plus of course Johnny the Geordie campsite owner. This was taken on the way home from drinking in town and as this photos suggests, Salinas was so drunk that his finger began to glow a magic yellow.

Photo of myself, Simon and the two Czech girls, Klaudie on the left and Zuzana on the right, taken by Johnny on the border between Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Well, who's this sexy beast of a man?

The ancient ruined castle that Johnny drove us to that "on tour" day.

The Czech girls at the ruined castle.

The four of us out for quite a number of drinks the evening after Johnny's day of touring the Slovakian countryside.

As Simon slept outside, I slept in the tent with the two Czech girls...

Sunday, January 27, 2002

Aha. Here we go. I'm back in Aberdeen for a couple of day, and courtesy of Justin's computer I've managed to sort out a few photos for you. I'll go chronologically for you. Starting in...

Here's Heidelberg Castle. As you can see, as I suck on my pipe and muse upon the world, I find my heart touched by the ancient beauty of it.

Some big groovy building in Prague.

This is from that hectic day when we went from Prague to Brno, and got picked up by two Italian families in camper vans, who drove us to a campsite and fed us masses of Italian food as darkness fell.

And this is the Italians themselves. Sorry, it's the best photo I managed to get. From left to right: Rachel, Raphael, Carlo, Mary and Rosabianca.

That's it for now. I'm going to London for a few days, but more after.

Thursday, January 24, 2002

Damn. I'd just got all my photos scanned in and prepared, all ready to begin posting up here, and what happens? My damn computer packs it in completely. Dies on me. So I've had to transfer to this ancient pile of crap (even older and crapper than my ex-computer) for the time-being, and it's miles too slow to even contemplate trying to do the photo stuff. Sorry, when I get it sorted I'll start putting photos up.

Monday, January 14, 2002

Yup, still alive. In Aberdeen, back to my alcoholic ways. Staying at my brother's temporarily, but I should have somewhere to stay for the next few months, with luck. Anyway, I'm going to attempt to put up photos of the travels in the next week or so, before the big final entry. Ok.