Friday, September 21, 2001

Oh. An update on the mullet league table.

Reverse order...

15. Szechesfehervar - a quacking cat, but virtually mulletless.
14. Bled - all the beauty in the world can't compensate for low mullet numbers.
13. Ukenc (Bohinj) - cold, wet and only the merest hint of a mullet or two. A poor show indeed.
12. Heidelberg - the scarce mullet numbers seem a distant memory now.
11. Miskolc - Hungary didn't really go in for mullets.
10. Spissky Pophradie - a brave showing for such a small place.
9. Kezmarok - a few avergae mullets.
8. Ljubljana - at first they tried to hide, but dig deeper and mullets do indeed lurk.
7. Budapest - it promised so much, but the expected abundance of mullets did not appear.
6. Frankfurt - a kid with dreadlocked mullet! That's devotion.
5. Trencin - plenty of fine mullets.
4. Brno - a mullet around every corner.
3. Koper - a small town but bursting with mullets from every crevice.
2. Kosice - oh Lordy. Mullets of all sorts, everywhere.

1. Prague - simply breathtaking. Mullets packing the streets. Even two benchfuls filled with many different mullets.

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