Friday, August 31, 2001

Oh yeah, while I've got time, I've started something very important - a mullet league table. Every place I visit fo a substantial time I'm rating by mullet quality and quantity. Here, in brief, are the current standings:

1. Prague (an amazing mullet city)
2. Brno
3. Trencin (helped because I was there so long)
4. Kezmarok (and if I'd been there longer, it'd have rated a lot higher I think)
5. Spissky Podhradie (not bad for a small place)
6. Frankfurt (had an amazing kid mullet with dreadlocks!)
7. Heidelberg (very disappointing)

So far Kosice is looking astonishing. A definite contender for no.2 right now, and I've only been here half a day.

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