Sunday, August 19, 2001

Ah man. I'm in Prague now. Lovely sunny Prague, with big churches and castles and beer for 40p a pint, which I regretfully haven't exploited to its fullest yet. We got here yesterday morning, after spending the night in an overnight train, trying to sleep but being continually interrupted by people wanting to see our tickets or passports.

We met a couple of Germans on the train too. Carmen and Burkard. They were really cool. Just a couple of years older than us, we got talking to them when Carmen asked to sit on the bench me and Simon were occupying. They'd just been over in Wales, joy of joys, but had seemed to quite enjoy it, and Carmen was absolutely delighted with some soap thing she'd bought that frothed up wildly whenever put in water.

So we talked to them for ages in the train, about stuff, and got an address if we ever want to visit, and to send postcards to, and after they departed somewhere in Bavaria, we made some futile attempts at sleep. The train rolled in at about 8am, and we got off, and were immediately beseiged by blonde women with dodgy English trying to give us accommodation in flats that were probably derelict. Unfortunately Simon, in his wisdom, instead of just moving on decided to speak at length to them and so they trailed around after us for ages after, continually reminding us that everywhere else was full, or "dangerous".

Simon in the last couple of days has turned into the ultimate tourist. He has a floppy hat sort of thing, which isn't so bad, but is made worse when combined with his giant yellow sunglasses (oh man), the water flask he hangs round his neck and as he has no direction sense whatsoever, he's always got a map in front of him. He screams "TOURIST" and "ROB ME NOW"

Yeah, this is something that may surprise people that know me. I've actually acquired both direction sense and powers of observation. I've been able to negotiate my way around cities quite easily, whereas Simon stumbles around in stupid directions, trying to make sense of his map, and taking little sips out of his flask.

Nah, Simon's been fine so far, and I'm getting endless amusement by the amount he seems to sweat. That guy is one human sweatmachine. You know they can generate electricity by wave power? Well, if you got one of these machine attached to his body, the waves of sweat that pour down could certainly power a couple of small villages.

So in Prague, we've checked out the castle, which was pretty cool, and gone up the old town hall, which likewise was cool. And we went over some big bridge as well. Was that cool? Yup, I think it was. What else was cool?

Oh man, I'll tell you what's the coolest. The mullets! Prague is infested with mullets. They are EVERYWHERE. It is mullet heaven here. I saw an entire group of mullets sitting on a bench, including a lovely femme mulle, and the sheer multitude and variety of mullets is breathtaking. This is one mighty city. Far more than in Germany. Oh, I'm really looking forward to the more obscure Eastern European locations - mighty mullet metropolises.

So, the plan is now - to Brno. We aim to spend a couple of cheap days there. We've been going through money a bit fast so far, but Germany was rather expensive (compared to here, it's still miles cheaper than Britain) and we've become a lot better with money since. We're getting a cheap bus to Brno (3 quid) and will live on cheap supermarket food (1 quid could possibly do us for a day or two) and hopefully accommodation will be less than a fiver.

So yeah, things are going well, five days in. Send me an email guys, I haven't had one in days. It's lonely here you know, with just sweaty Simon to keep me company.

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