Sunday, November 04, 2001

Man, check this out. From Simon's diary.

...I am impressed with all the people who have emailed me that I do know who are reading the diary. It has gone on a bit of a rollercoaster... first Alice and Robin email me to say they are reading, and when they get mentioned in my next entry, everyone is all desperately emailing now to get their minute of fame on my diary, such as American Jack, Neil from Heidelburg (well, Livingston) and my auntie Hilli. Who else wants a mention? If you are reading, and want to become a part of it, drop us a line! Except Niall. He gets enough mentions already. I am not feeding his massive ego any more!

And he calls me an egomaniac? As he desperately pleads for people to mail him saying they're reading. As if I'd ever stoop to that level, as I'm sure mum, Justin, Justina, Sarah, Karen, Alice, Gauci and my two randoms "Douglas" and "Gerri", would testify.

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