Saturday, November 24, 2001

I don't believe it. I'd written half my entry and this damn computer pisses up and it's all been deleted. I don't have the effort to write it again, or the time. I am really pissed off by this.

Basically, we're still in Jerusalem but about to leave. We're going to Eilat via Tel Aviv (no direct buses because it's the Shabbat, the Jewish holy day) but only to pick up a visa for Egypt. Then to Dahab in Sinai in Egypt where we'll re-meet with Allie and John, who we met on Thursday night when having a drink with Ivo. Allie has some strange obsession with a plastic sandwich lunchbox, so much so she has tattoos of it, and John's birthday is on the same day as mine. So a big piss-up on Monday then. Hopefully Ivo will be joining us. He has a worrying habit of walking about in his underwear, but it otherwise fine.

Since I last wrote, we saw the Western Wall at sundown on Friday - the beginning of Shabbat. It was incredible. Loads of Jews packed into this space, singing and dancing and having a great time. I was expecting something solemn, but it was nothing of the sort. We got fairly drunk again that night, and went on a 12 hour tour which started at 3am. A very rough morning then. We climbed Masada, a big mountain plateau and watched sunrise, then went to the Dead Sea but I'd forgotten my trunks in the hazy hungover morning, and then went to a quite groovy nature reserve.

In a few hours we set off to Tel Aviv.

I'm sorry. I'd written much more in much more detail but this computer's wiped it all and I'm pissed off. I was counting the number of times Simon blew his nose loudly while I wrote. So far he's on 7 times. All Simon does these days is blow his nose loudly, random at any time. It's become background noise.

I'm going to try and publish this entry now and it had better not mess up again.

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