Sunday, October 21, 2001

Oh yeah - use now. Breathe has not worked in almost a month. I have been unable to check any breathe emails in that time, and have effectively given up on it. If you've sent me an email to that address in the last month and want a reply, please please forward it to hotamil and I promise a fairly swift response.

Also, I got all my photos of the last two months developed (delightfully cheaply) the other day. Strangely, my usually epically awful camera skills have disappeared, and I actually have some nice photos. The Bled ones have turned out very well - a really lovely one of Cindy holding a cat, and Peter and Derek on the 3rd night. Some nice ones of Tammy in Piran (even with Vera), the Czech girls in Trencin have proved very photogenic, and to my surprise I even got one of heroin addict Ivan, that I thought hadn't worked. Plus, some curious ones of Dubrovnik. Hmm. Budapest film has gone AWOL though, so hopefully it can be salvaged. If anyone from Budapest reads this, if they have any photos I'd be hugely grateful if they got in touch as it's a big gap in the collection.

I intend, upon returning, to scan the best ones in and post them in this diary, so watch out for that.

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