Sunday, October 14, 2001

Oh man, dodgy pizzas in Sarajevo. My stomach's been doing all sorts of grooves in the past few hours, and you don't want to know what's been coming out my ass. I'm doing an all nighter (its 3.50am now) on an Internet place because we have no accommodation tonight. Afte getting 3 hours sleep last night, you can imagine this is a little tiring.

I can't be bothered writing about today because I'm too tired to think. Check out Simon's version of events ( because it's pretty accurate for once. No Indian restaurant in Sarajevo - damn you Lonely Planet for your misguiding information. You see what you've done to me - no sleep, certain nightmares for the rest of my life about Mama!, and evil pizzas that have made me a slave to the toilet. We're going to Dubrovnik...soon. Please God, let it be soon.

Nah, I'm not actually in that bad a state, and my digestion's been on good behaviour for the last few hours. One more trip to the toilet might do it.

Whoa, a moth just flew out of my head. Where did that come from?

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