Sunday, December 02, 2001

Man, I can't be bothered writing. Basically, the last couple of days have been interesting enough. Justin's arrived and has taken to the place a lot better than Susanne, who has an expression terror etched on her permanently. Except for today's smiles because she's going home later. We saw the pyramids which I though were excellent - I mean they are the most famous landmark of all time. Simon seemed less impressed. I think he wanted more bombast, American style. Revolving pyramids perhaps?

A strange day also. I leave to Luxor with Justin fairly soon, but Simon isn't coming as he hasn't the time. Meaning that after over three months of sleeping in the same room as the stinking fool, finally we're going separate ways. Him to Scotland, me to Israel. It's going to be a little odd.

But totally great obviously. No more morning voice!

That's all I can be bothered writing for now.

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