Thursday, December 06, 2001

And so I find myself in Aswan, not far from the Sudanese border, with a credit card that has just run dry. I have 90 Egyptian pounds (15 UK pounds) to live on and get back to Cairo. All is not lost however.

No time to write, but basically me and Justin went to Luxor, saying goodbye to Simon but hello to a Spanish girl called Susannah who suspiciously had an American accent. We saw all the Luxor stuff, hiring an old uncomfortable bicycle with a saddle that has ensured - in combo with the bumpy roads - that I will never have children. Luxor stuff was cool, and we're all now big fans of Ramses II (a total megalomaniac) and Thutmoses III, a short fat man of petulance.

Justin returned to Cairo for his flight but I've continued on to Aswan with Susannah, and we return to Cairo for Saturday morning. My finanical situation may be saved as I have about 100 pounds (UK) worth of shekels in the hotel, plus I got an email from Simon saying that an Egyptian guy is wanting to buy my tent for 300 Egyptian pounds. This is only marginally less than what I paid for it almost three years ago, new.

That's the deal. I have to go now. Going on the internet now is a totally unnecesarry drain on my very limited funds.

By the way - I have a huge backlog of emails to get through. Intrnet recently has been slow and expensive. Hopefully I can catch up when in Tel Aviv (Monday?)

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